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Jubileumskirken i Roma

Sted: Italia, Arkitekt: Richard Meyer, Byggeår: 2003

Dio Padre Misericordioso - Church of dives in Misericordiae


Adresse: Via Francesco Tovaglieri, 00155 Roma
The proportinal structure of both the church and the precinct is predicated on a displaced square and four circles. The three shells that determine the primary gastalt of the church are based on three circles of equal radius and refer discreetly to the Holy Trinity.
The perceptual volume of the church is directly influenced by ze- nithal light on the east-west axis; glazed skylights between the shells create changing patterns of light and shadow. According to the season, the weather, and the time of day, light is graduated across the inner surface of the shells, giving the chapel and the baptisery a particularly vivacious yet ephemeral character. The
effect is further enchanced by the light entering trough translu- cent glass between the shells and the narrow band of clear glass around the perimeter of the church. Of particular note are the large curved walls on the south perimeter of the church. These three walls vary in height and are, in effect, segments of a sphere. Each shell is built of pre-cast concrete segments, post-tensioned in situ; by virtue of the curvature in plan, each is independently supported. Wind load resistance is developed through a vertical cantiever effect acting across the full depth of the curved sec-


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