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Housing block - Giustiniano Imperatore

Sted: Roma, Arkitekt: Studio ABDR Architetti Associati di Roma, Byggeår: 2011

Adresse: Viale Giustiniano Imperatore, 00145 Roma

The project was realized by Studio ABDR Architetti Associati di Roma, for the structural engineering by eng. F. Sylos Labini, and
for the construction of the buildings by Società Consortile Giustiniano Imperatore. The requalification includes the construction
of two new residential buildings, 35 metres in height, one of which supported by concrete filled Tenaris’s tubes.
“The architectural project includes the construction of 28 circular pillars with small diameters (60 cm) with different lengths from
6.9 to 11.5 metres”, explains Alessandro Giacobbe, Business Development Manager for industrial products, “The structural engi-
Giustiniano Imperatore neer decided to realize the pillars using our steel tubes filled with concrete, optimizing the peculiar characteristics of both materials and uniting the pleasant aesthetic result with the high resistance to static and seismic stresses”.

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